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Please Be Sure that ALL Wax and Fragrance Are calculated by Measured WEIGHT and Not Volume.....  if you do not measure your weights all in the same method you will Mess up your candles.....  Example, if you are using 5 pounds of Wax, BY WEIGHT, and you want to use 1 oz. per pound, you should then use 5 oz. of fragrance..... if you measure the wax by Cups, you will have no Idea how to figure the Fragrance in cups......  If you have any questions PLEASE let us know........

Single Pour Container Blend Wax
Perfect For Containers

Our Single Pour Container Blend Wax has been Formulated for Use in Container Candles..... The Melt Point is 126, and the fragrance load is suggested at a max of 12%. Our Wax is FDA Approved and is safe for use in Paraffin baths as well for Salon Use....
Directions -  Heat Wax using a Double Boiler Method, or in a Fry Daddy Warmer to 180 Deg.  You can add your color at any time during the heating process. Once your wax has reached 180 Deg. Remove from the heat and blend in your fragrance. We Suggest you blend your fragrance at least a minute to a minute and a half to be sure your fragrance is blended evenly.....  If you are pouring Jar Candles you will not require a re-fill.  Once your candle is dry you will have a Very smooth, Creamy looking candle and will burn Super Clean and Super Strong....    If you have any questions on the Process of using this wax, Please let us know.....  
We Only use this wax to Make All of our Jar Candles...   Our customers Demand the strongest and best burning candles, so we had made for us the best, and strongest burning wax we think you will find anywhere.....  Clean up is also easy, place your pouring picture back into the pan of warm water and wipe with a paper towel.......   We hope you enjoy making your candles just as much as we do.....

Tart Blend Pellets
Tart Blend to make Tarts, or Scent Trays

Our Tart Blend Wax is designed to make tarts and Scent Trays with a melt point of 130 deg. and a fragrance load rating of 10% max. This wax does not require any additives to use.
Directions -   Heat Wax in a double Boiler method, or in a fry daddy warmer to 175 deg., you can add your color at any time during the heating process.  Once Wax Reaches 175 Deg. remove from the heat, be sure color is fully blended, Add your fragrance, Stir for about a minute and a half, then pour....  once poured your Tarts or Scent Trays will not require a re-fill and will have a nice smooth finish to it........   If you have any questions during the pouring process, Please let us know......    to clean your pot out, Please set back into your warm water and wipe with paper towels.......

~  Single Pour Container Blend Wax ~
 Melt Point - 126, Pour Temp - 170-180
  Fragrance Load Rating - 12.0% Max.
             No Additives Needed
            ~  Tart Blend Wax  ~
Melt Point - 130, Pour Temp. 160-175
   Fragrance Load Rating - 10% Max.
           No Additives Needed
          ~  Votive/Pillar Wax  ~
Melt Point - 140, Pour Temp. 175-180
    Fragrance Load Rating - 6 - 8%

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